Talk to our team for a quote: 0800 321 3835
Talk to our team: 0800 321 3835

Saving the environment together, through Greencable.

Greencable’s concept is simple. We provide electricians with an alternative method of getting rid of their scrap cable whilst giving them the most competitive prices and looking after the planet at the same time, a win-win solution!

Our Vision

To create a culture where recycling is fashionable and comes as second nature.

Our Mission

To promote the circular economy and drastically decrease the amount of renewable material going to landfill.

Our Values

At the heart of our mission is the idea that the world is made a better place through the belief that a difference can always be made.


Our Story...

Dave and Josh both started off as trainers working for an educational training provider. They wanted to develop courses around recycling and climate change.

With entrepreneurial mindsets and an idea stemming from Josh’s Dad, the seed to start granulating electrical cable was planted, but where to get the supply of cable from?

With Josh’s experience in construction, the concept of collaborating with electricians to provide them with better prices for their scrap cable was developed (on a napkin) and Greencable was born.

In 2020 we carried out a nationwide survey and discovered that electricians combined in the UK take nearly 88,000 tonnes worth of cable to the scrap yard each year. We also discovered that many scrap yards dispose of PVC/cable insulation unethically which amounts to a staggering 60,000 tonnes of renewable waste going straight to landfill.

Since working with electricians, we understand that other trades generate renewable waste some of which doesn't always get recycled. We realised that we can add similar value to other sectors by diversifying toward plumbers, mechanics and landscape gardeners.

Our mission, along with providing the trades with more competitive prices for their scrap, is to promote the circular economy by incentivising recycling and creative use whilst drastically decreasing the amount of unnecessary renewable materials going to landfill.

Doing your bit for the environment.

Go green, become more socially responsible and earn money from your waste. Together, we can help make the world a greener place.

Hassle-Free Service

You can trust us to carry out our services even if you’re not home. We look after everything, so you save time and can focus on what really matters.

Environmentally Friendly

Improve your environmental sustainability and help us to help our planet. By making small changes, together we can gradually create a sustainable environment.

Exceptional Customer Service

We care about every one of our customers. Our ongoing support ensures that you’re left feeling valued.

Competitive Prices

Our staff can grade your scrap onsite and categorise it giving you the fairest and best price.

Want to learn more about how Greencable can benefit your work? We’re here to help.

“The set up that i've got going on with Greencable is perfect, they're always here to collect my bin within 24hours and give me top prices, can't complain at all!”

Steve Haynes