Talk to our team for a quote: 0800 321 3835
Talk to our team: 0800 321 3835

Hello, we're Greencable.

We exist to make scrapping cable easier by providing a hassle-free collection service and putting more money in electricians' pockets

How Greencable can put cash in your pocket,
whilst doing your bit for the environment…

Step One

Sign up and receive a free bin

Step Two

Store scrap in your new bin

Step Three

Let us know when your bin is almost full

Step Four

We collect and weigh your scrap

Step Five

Money will be in your account by next working day

Step Six

Scrap is sorted and processed at our HQ

Greencable’s concept is simple.

We provide our electricians with an alternative method of getting rid of their scrap cable whilst giving them top rates and looking after the planet at the same time, a win-win solution!

Looking after our customers is what we do best which is why we reward our customers for using our services.

In our journey, we’ve collaborated closely with electricians across the UK to learn how we can best add value to them and make life easier when it comes to scrapping cable. All you have to do is sign up/get in touch and we will take it from there!

Our success is a testament to our core values. As well as looking after the environment, giving a great service is integrated into our DNA.

Key Benefits

Become Greener

Become more green with Greencable

Best Rates

We offer competitive prices for scrap cable

Collection Service

Our collection service makes life easier for you

Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards alongside scrapping your cable

Customer Service

Enjoy the best customer service

We are the leading cable recycling specialist in the West Midlands, how can Greencable benefit you?

Want to learn more about how Greencable can benefit your work? We’re here to help.

“The set up that i've got going on with Greencable is perfect, they're always here to collect my bin within 24hours and give me top prices, can't complain at all!”

Steve Haynes