Call us today to arrange a collection: 0800 321 3835
Aarrange a collection: 0800 321 3835

Be more green and earn cash at the same time...

We understand that electricians can generate large volumes of scrap cable which make our bins the perfect solution for you to use to store your cable before we come along and collect it.

We collect your cable from you, this is how it works:

1. Sign up and receive a free bin

All of our customers are provided with a 240L bin designed to securely store your waste cable (other options can be arranged if bin does not suit your needs).

2. Save up your scrap cable

Whether you generate large volumes of scrap cable or just a handful a week, we cater for you. Simply collect it in your new and secure bin and we’ll take care of the rest.

3. Let us know when your bin is almost full

When your bin is on the verge, let us know by contacting the number on the underside of the lid and we will schedule your collection ASAP.

4. We’ll come to weigh and collect your scrap cable

If you are busy, that's fine, we can carry out collections whilst you aren’t home. Either way you will receive weight and price confirmation straight through to your Greencable account and the transaction will be made by the next working day. We’ll also drop a waste consignment note through your letterbox.

5. Cable is sorted and processed at our HQ

We source renewable capabilities for all materials processed diverting all elements of the cable away from landfill.

6. All elements of the cable go back into manufacturing processes

Your cable goes through a rigorous sorting process in preparation for stripping and granulation (coming soon). This helps us achieve the best quality copper granules and insulation re-grind.

7. Monitor scrapping history (coming soon)

Login to the members area on our website to monitor your scrapping history, track your cables journey and earn rewards!

Doing your bit for the environment.

By working with you, we are able to achieve our mission and drastically decrease the amount of PVC plastic and other materials going to landfill whilst providing you with very great prices for your scrap cable. We will take care of all of the hard work so you don't have to.

Call us now to get started or click here to create an account, it couldn’t be easier!

Key Benefits

Great Prices
We set our prices daily to make sure you always get a great price

Quick & Easy
We collect your bin, weigh, grade the contents of your bin and pay you on the next working day

Hassle Free
You can trust us to carry out our services even if you’re not home

Eco Friendly
We are an environmentally friendly company

Friendly Team
You will enjoy the best customer service

Earn rewards alongside our services

Total Flexability
No contract period, return the bin at any time



We Collect.


You Earn.


Protect the Planet.

Our Promise to Electricians

“We bring more to the industry than just a cable scrapping solution. We promise to straighten your mass of messy cables out by bringing you the most value through great prices and an easy to use service with friendly staff”

Power Plus Electrical Services case study

How Syed is earning an extra £400 a year hassle free whilst looking after the environment at the same time.

Syed is the owner of Power Plus Electrical Services based in Birmingham. Syed takes on a variety of different jobs from basic to rewires. Syed use to collect his scrap cable and take it to the scrap yard but soon stopped doing this because he didn't have anything to store the cable in and couldn't be bothered with the hassle of taking it to the scrap yard because it was time out of his day and he didn't find the customer service at the scrap yard very good.So rather than collecting it, Syed started leaving it at the job or putting it in the skip.

“At first, I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of storing it and taking it to the scrapyard. I didn’t get much cable so didn't think it would be worth it”

Things soon changed after Syed discovered Greencable. Since we dropped off one of our 240l bins at Syed’s, he can easily drop in any scrap cable as and when he gets it. When the bin is full, all he has to do is give Greencable a call and we will come and collect it and pay him within 24hours.

“Greencable is such an easy service to use, i let the boys know when the bin is full and they simply come and collect it. The best thing is that they offer the best price so i can get the most out of my waste without having to break a sweat”

Since Syed has been using Greencable, we have managed to put an extra £400 in his pocket over the last 12 months and he is safe in the knowledge that his cable is being disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way.

“Every time Greencable visited to do a collection they came back with something better to make the service even simpler for me to use”

Greencable is a newly established company and we’re constantly improving our services because we listen to their customers just like we listened to Syed. There are so many ways we can add value to our electricians whether it's through our competitive prices,ease of use, trustworthy service and respect for our customers.

“I love using Greencble’s service, I didn't realise how much I could get for my scrap cable. I will never look back”

Frequently Asked Questions

The bin is a 240L conventional wheelie bin.
No, there are no upfront costs.
Not a problem, there is no time limit to fill the bin. Whether it takes 2 weeks, 2 months or even 2 years, we will be on standby to collect.
If you leave your bin in a secure location, we can carry out the weighing and collection without the need of you being home. If finding a secure location is difficult, we want to work with you to find a solution.
It’s best to leave your bin in a safe location when storing your scrap cable. During collection days, we stress this even more. If hidden well out of sight, we ask that you send us details of your hiding spot! Where possible, it’s best to be in when the collection takes place.
One of our values is ‘building a company based on trust’. We aim to instil this across everything we do. We’re exploring an option where we’ll take photos of the cable and the scale readings so let us know if this is something you see value in.
We only carry out collections between the hours 09.00 - 17.00 Monday - Saturday in line with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013
Yes. It’s really important to us that the bin is filled to full capacity so we can manage our overheads. If you wish to schedule an early collection, please get in touch.
Payment will be in your account by the next working day after collection has been made.
At the moment, we use BACS payment. We are currently exploring other methods of payment such as PayPal and prepaid cards which can be used at ATMs.
One of our values is ‘using the planet's resources responsibly’. This is reflected in everything we do from business systems and operations to the way we handle the materials that we collect. We strive to implement the strictest recycling measures when processing collected materials ourselves and only collaborate with other businesses who align with our values
We set our prices daily to make sure you always get a great price. Because we are specialists, we are able to offer competitive prices!
You can contact us using the number provided on the bin. We are working on a ‘my account’ section on the website which customers will be able to use to schedule collections, monitor trading history and lots more!
We are in the process of identifying how we can diversify the business model across different sectors in and around the construction industry. Watch this space!